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Not Hart to Implement

I've been thinking about something today.
And I really should have thought of it earlier.

This is basically a feature suggestion to EVERY LJ Client Developer out there.

Shouldn't we really implement a simple 'save before posting' feature?
I mean, how many times have you guys read about "Damn LJ ate my post/angst/rant, blah blah blah."
No offense to anyone who says that...I know how annoying it is too.

Seriously. Can't almost everybody just dump the contents of a post (all contents, subject, body, security, mood, current music, etc.) to a file temporarily?
You can either dump out the file if the server returned a post success, or store it and just overwrite it when the user makes another post.

Oh, keep in mind, that you should have a 'recover last post' button or menu CLEARLY VISIBLE on the client.
That way, they know the feature exists. Don't hide it or say 'go open this file etc. etc., in the documentation'.

(Note: If anyone has implemented this, then you rawk :D. I'm Microsoft's whore, so I only have messed with Visions, Sema, and Loch...I just got the .NET framework, so I'll start messing with the .NET client as well.
And yes, I understand, non-HD clients can't quite achieve this. But, for those who can, keep this in mind.)
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