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here goes im gonna give it a shot [Mar. 4th, 2003|11:58 am]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


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hey, im thinkin about making a Lj client in VB 6.0. in not very good at this code so its going to take me a long time. if anyone wishes to help please post a comment. I just now got the basics down, and if anyone can help me figure out the protocol so it can be used in VB 6 that would be appreciated.

Mailto: silentblade234@hotmail.com

id aprricate any info, since im a newb at making clients, but i sure would like to start!

[User Picture]From: linxpro
2003-03-05 04:06 pm (UTC)
i'm writing a client in vb6 as well.. it's almost finished (yaaaaaaay...).. but anywho

i decided to use the msxml2.xmlhttp obect for making all of my request to the LJ protocol. it's pretty much a guareentee that if a user's browser can get through someones proxy, it can as well
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[User Picture]From: silentblade
2003-03-05 10:19 pm (UTC)


intresting. where did u get this object? can u use winsock instead?
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[User Picture]From: linxpro
2003-03-06 04:59 pm (UTC)

Re: hmm...

You can use the winsock object, however, I can not guarantee that it will work through proxies. Another bonus w/ the xmlhttp object is that you can make it run async. The xmlhttp object is part of the MSXML Component see the links below for downloading and references.


ms usage example:
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From: bobert225
2003-03-06 01:12 pm (UTC)
the original clients were written in visual basic. you might want to check them out for some tips on applying the LJ client->server protocol in a VB program. the original client source code can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/files/code/clients/win32/ancient/vb-source.zip
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[User Picture]From: silentblade
2003-03-06 10:23 pm (UTC)

thanx alot!

thanx so much! that helped alot! im sure that you people may think that VB is outdated or what not, but dont count it out as a powerful language, just wait i have got big plans! bwahahahah! oh and btw..frankly..that client sucked, sry but its true, i will make somethin cool!!
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From: bobert225
2003-03-07 10:15 am (UTC)

Re: thanx alot!

heh. actually, i had nothing to do with the writing of that client, and yes it did suck, but only in comparison to current clients. I actually don't think VB is outdated; i use it quite often myself. The only reason I knew about the old VB source being available was because I was planning on creating a VB6.0 client about 6 months or so ago. Other things have since taken up my time, however, so that project got shelved, but i'd be interested to see how yours turns out!
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