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I keep getting "Client is making repeated requests. Perhaps it's broken?" error. My client isn't broken. Its trying to cache a entire journal. This process can take many requests, depending on the size of the journal. Syncitems mode only returns 500 or items and the getevents returns 100. Say you wanted to sync the test/test journal.. That journal has about 2500 entries. Thats going to be around 30 requests. Some communities have thousands of entries.. Yah yah... I know its not a common thing to download a journal of that size. As far as I as can see, the purpose of syncitems is to cache a local copy of a journal.. for whatever purpose you might have.. such as being able to edit a entry offline or save your journal.. or ever transport your journal to another lj core website. Why was syncitems changed? The change has caused the whole purpose of syncitems to change.. or cause the client writers to buffer requests.. which in the long run.. causes client users (which may be.. paying users) to have to wait longer.

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