Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote in lj_clients,
Grin with cat attached

Adding comments to the client protocol documentation

Most client authors willl recognise that the client protocol documentation is, shall we say, "slightly desynched" with the actual status of the protocol. Most will also recognise that it's going to take a significant effort for one person to go through and correct it.

Can I therefore suggest that something similar to the comments system for the PHP documentation is put in place? (see for an example). This lets users post notes and errata to the documentation, and can generally answer most of the questions that arise.

Of course, it also leads to some misguided comments from users who don't completely understand what they're posting about, therefore I'd suggest that any such system used for the LJ CSP be moderated.

Thoughts/ideas? Has this been proposed/done before?

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