Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote in lj_clients,
Right you are, Ken

Sprint PCS Vision photos to LiveJournal..

Greetings all...

I worked on a client of sorts this weekend and it's almost done. Basically, it's for people who have Sprint PCS Vision service and a camera in their cell phone of some sort. Typically, a user takes a picture with their phone and sends it to an email address. The email arrives with a link to the picture on Sprint's site and the caption that the user entered when they sent it.

My client is a small VB app that watches the inbox (using MAPI) for these emails. If it finds one, it opens it and then makes an http request for the page from Sprint. It then parses the page and pulls out the URL for the jpeg and the caption. Then, it downloads the jpeg locally and ftp's it to an ftp site. Finally, it makes an LJ post with the image and the caption.

It's basically done. I'm just in the process of pulling all the hard wired variables like LJ user name, password, ftp server, etc... out of the code and putting them in the registry so that people other than me can use it.

If you have this Sprint service and a camera phone and you'd like to try out my client when it's ready, let me know...

Oh, and if you'd like to see what the posts look like in the journal I've been testing on, it's here: stevetest

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