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jwendl, and anyone else interested,
I've got a version of my Sprint PCS photo poster client thingy (see my previous post)available if you'd like to take a look...

You can download it here:

It's a single .exe. You'll need the VB6 runtimes for it, but I'm hoping that's all. I think everything else it depends on is windows stuff...

When you first run it, you should get a settings dialog. Most of the settings should be self-explanatory, but there are a couple that might be confusing:

Under Mail Settings, the first setting should be the display name of your SprintPCS Vision account. For instance, my Vision account is Vespa59. When I share a photo from my phone, the display name on the email is "Vespa59@sprintpcs.com". When I share one from their site (pictures.sprintpcs.com) the display name is "Vespa59". So, I just put "Vespa59" for this setting and that works for either type.

Also under Mail Settings, the second setting should be whatever the subject comes as for the emails you get when you share a photo. The default is probably correct. Note that BOTH the subject and display name must match for the post to happen.

Under FTP settings, the Upload Path is the directory on your ftp server where you want the picture to go. So, if your web directory on your ISP's ftp server is "ftp.myisp.com/~myusername/html/" and you wanted the picture to reside in the "images" subdirectory, then you would enter "/~myusername/html/images/" in here.

The Web Server Root URL is what it sounds like. The URL to whatever directory the file will end up as a result of being uploaded to the aforementioned Upload Path. Using the above example, this would probably be something like "http://www.myisp.com/images/"

Once you have all your settings entered, you'll be looking at a rather boring screen which, through no small bit of coding, can be minimized to the task tray. The application will check your inbox every minute for UNREAD MESSAGES ONLY that meet the criteria. If it finds one, it will open it, get the URL for the share on Sprint's site, go to that site, figure out the URL of the JPEG and the caption for the picture, download the picture locally, FTP it to your server, and then make the LiveJournal post. It will show progress in the Log Messages window. If all goes well, then you should see the picture in your journal!

Currently, there is no error handling in the application. I haven't gotten around to it. It took me the better part of this evening to make the settings dialog work right. So, if something goes wrong, you'll probably get a rather nasty crash or it just won't seem to do anything. In either case, let me know.

Oh... another thing: This application uses MAPI to get to your mail. As I said I'm currently not doing any sort of error checking, so if the MAPI session doesn't happen for some reason, then things probably won't work.

Please do let me know if it works for you and what you think.


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