Shashin (shashin) wrote in lj_clients,

WxPerl LJ client with image uploading capabilities.

Hi guys, I'm posting this since I could use some help. The development has kind of stalled and died for the last couple of months and it's been bothering me.

It does two things that I figure are important. First is handle images relatively transparently (so you can incorporate images a bit easier into posts, but pretty flakey) and secondly keyword search all your old posts (which is currently even more infuriatingly flakey)


Screen shots which are also out of date can be found here. The entire site is a little poor but I was just trying to setup a frame for what I'd like to have in it (also to serve as bit of carrot on a stick for myself to get things done)

To run this script, you'll need Image::Magick and Wx::Perl installed. Don't look at it as an example of good code though... it's a tad scary. In linux, it will create ~/nikki in windows, I think it may create something like /My Documents/nikki (not exactly sure if it even works in windows)

If anyone is willing (brave or crazy enough) to help me weed out the bugs I'd be highly appreciative.

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