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Hi, I've seen this question discussed in a few communities, but haven't seen a definitive answer.

I'm interested in taking somebodys LJ username (without using their password), and getting a list of all of their 'friends' =AND= if those friends are communities or not. First I tried using the flat protocol mode, but I realized that 'getfriends' didn't let you set the user's friends you wish to view.

Second I tried using the console interface (via the website and XML-RPC), and it also would only let you view your own friends. I logged out and tried the console again, and it did provide me with a list for one user, but it looks like that data from my first query is now cached (so no matter what i type in with the command 'friend list username') it's always the same person (EVEN using different machines!).

Lastly I figured I'd just bite the bullet and parse the userinfo.bml page, but it doesn't tell me if a 'friend' is a community or not (i could subtract the "Member of:" list, but some people just monitor).

Does anyone have any ideas? It seems like a simple enough feature.

(I'm not trying to create a large map of LJ, prolly killing the database, just letting people query who is on their friends list from an external application for a quiz)

Help! Thanks!
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