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sclj 3.0-BETA2 released; testers wanted [Jul. 1st, 2003|10:10 am]
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bz2 and gz on SourceForge. There's also a patch there to fix a Perl 5.8-ism in scljed.

I am especially looking for people with pre-5.6.1 Perls to test for unsupported code. Please let me know the results, whether it's buggy or "works for me". I would also appreciate reports on where the documentation could be improved.

Obligatory screenshots link [fixed; thanks elisteran]


[User Picture]From: elisteran
2003-07-01 07:52 pm (UTC)

404 on screenshots

The screenshots are at http://sclj.sourceforge.net/screenshots.shtml instead.
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[User Picture]From: frosting
2003-07-10 05:36 am (UTC)

i was wondering how i download the client just to post in a journal. i can't figure it out. i go to the platform and choose windows and it just gives me a description...what do i do from there??
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[User Picture]From: sapphirecat
2003-07-10 07:49 am (UTC)
If you click on the journal name, the recent entries there tell how to download the latest version. (The answer is buried in the FAQ.)
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