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KDE client? [Nov. 8th, 2001|01:56 pm]
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Is anybody currently working on a KDE livejournal client?

[User Picture]From: fuchs
2001-11-09 03:29 am (UTC)
I was looking forward to it, but right now, I do not have the time to start this project from the scratch. But if you want to work on that, plz drop me an e-mail and I'll join.
Perhaps you might want to send me an e-mail, if you like to. I'd be interested to participate. Ok?
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[User Picture]From: credendovides
2001-11-09 04:37 am (UTC)
Sure.. Perhaps I'll open up a sourceforge project for this. I've submitted a registration for a project. Sadly the name kjournal was taken by a project registered in Dec 2000 and dropped. So I took klj for the unix name.

Here's the brainstorming I've done so far...
KDE 2 provides a lot of functionality to facilitate a LJ client. First off, Qt (And KDE I presume, I've never touched KDE before though) is VERY easy to make a UI for. You can even view LJ through it using KHTML, and use the network access provided by KIO.

So the features I figure are:
  • Post/edit events
  • View, edit, add, or delete friends and friend groups
  • View history of posts on a month calendar

Basically, all the usual LJ client features (Though I want friend groups in there, theres not enough clients that do friend groups)
Now where KDE comes in, you get
  • Poll LJ for updates and flash an icon in the system tray on update
  • Open journal or friends view (Or any other linked webpage) inside an embedded browser window)
  • Preview a journal entry, including HTML formatting

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. At least, major features. I've got a few minor things in mind, but nothing big. The first thing I plan to implement is a LJ communication class using KIO. It can't be that hard, I've already got a shell script that polls the LJ server through the client protocol to check for updates to the friends view. Anyway, if you're not registered with SourceForge, register there, and let me know who as so I can add you as a developer when the project is approved.
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[User Picture]From: idigital
2001-11-09 05:19 am (UTC)
I have a box running KDE if you want me to be a testing-bitch...
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[User Picture]From: fuchs
2001-11-09 06:33 am (UTC)
SourceForge Username is: spike2001
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