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KLapJack 0.6

and not before time. 0.6 includes a friends editor and the LiveJournal console. The friends editor allows you to set friend groups for your friends, and also allows you to update the colours for all your friends simultaneously, a feature notably lacking from many clients.

KLapJack is now one release away from 1.0, which will include full group editting capabilities. Can someone tell me the procedure for applying for official status? I think KLapJack is just about ready for it now...

I would like comments about useability - since the beginning I have gone for simple, minimal design, without any "helpful" embelishments, as this is what I personally prefer. I am wondering whether such embelishments may be useful in certain places, particularly when aiming for a wider audience. Things such as "this is probably stupid, are you sure?" notices might not go amiss.

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