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MMSLJ version 1.2 [Aug. 3rd, 2003|07:39 pm]
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I have released version 1.2 of the MMS to LiveJournal gateway.

Credit to dk379 and vzaliva for the changes, which include:
* handle single-part messages of type image
* refactor: remove duplicated code for handling of text parts
* consistent reply subjects - always prefixed by "MMS LJ:"
* Verizon gateway requires subject - so copy body there
* include reason code in case of posting errors (but omit in subject)
* handle duplicate image filenames, which some phones use
* deal with addresses enclosed in angle brackets

[User Picture]From: dk379
2003-08-03 11:25 pm (UTC)
wow! great! thanks! ;-)

i already do most of my posts from my VX6600 phone... i found it indispensable ;)

New features i am thinking about:

* datestamp on directories (in file names.)

must be optional (triggered by preferences value). creates directory like 2003 or 2003-07 or perhaps 2003-07-15...) all images are saved there. Can be convenient to sort images. so pictures are saved into public_html/picdir/2003-07 (or 2003/07?)

anyway, this must be thought over.
any ideas? not sure it is very useful.

* auto-thumbnails. My phone makes 640x480 images and they are too big for posts already (2 posts fill biggest monitor resoltions...)
again, this must be enabled by preferences value,
disabled by default.

so what it can do:
- check image size (run identify from ImageMagick?)
- if too big: resize into 50% - run `convert' from imagemagick?
- create directory `small' or `thumbnails'... small is probably better for non-English users;
- copy new image there,
- instead of current <img src=...> tag, put <a href="image.jpeg"><img src="small/image.jpeg"></a>

- or perhaps always resize 50%? not sure if it is good idea.

On my phone, i have 3 resolutions: 160x120, 320x240, and 640x480. Most of the time, i shoot in highest; lowest is just not practical; middle is useful when you want to use digital zoom.

I know that in Japan they already have megapixel phones so it would be more important.

* allow to post into non-default journal.

here we are moving to `special' magical keywords, i am afraid; either in the subject, or body of the message.

so first we must agree on extensible syntax.
then same syntax can be used to force thumbnails, maybe something else.

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[User Picture]From: tla
2003-08-04 06:26 pm (UTC)
I had already been looking at the adding of option keywords. My current plan is to have the script look for a specially-delimited string at the beginning of either the subject line or the message body. Something like

Subject: #friends,thumb,journal=my_community# This is my post.

That way protected posts, as well as the things you mentioned, would be supported. (Someone else has also asked for the auto-thumbnail feature.) If you or others have no objections to that keyword syntax, it is what I will do.

My own phone puts the datestamp in the filename of the picture, so datestamping hadn't occurred to me. I will put that on the list too.
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[User Picture]From: vzaliva
2003-08-05 08:54 am (UTC)


I think keywords are good, as long as they optional.
As to name of journal to post, I would rather specify
it via TO address. This way I can have address book
entries in my phone for different journals/communities
and do not have to type it each time. something like:


with [-journal] part being optional.

I also plan to produce another patch dealing with

Couple of other small enhancement I have in mind:

Would be nice to put

X-Sender: mmslj-version

field for easier filtering responses from the script.

In email confirming successful post would be nice
to have URL no newly posted item. Looks like post_event()
returns item ID which you can use to construct URL to live journal entry.

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[User Picture]From: tla
2003-08-05 08:42 pm (UTC)

Re: my TODO

All the suggestions make sense. I am inclined to make the URL to the new post a configurable option, though; I like to keep my messages to the phone as short as possible.

I await your charset patch. :)
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[User Picture]From: vzaliva
2003-08-22 05:32 pm (UTC)

Re: my TODO

Here is promised charset patch:


As I mentioned before, I am not Perl expert, so perhaps it could be optimized a bit. I could not find existing perl module for headers decoding according to RFC-1342, so I wrote my own, simple decoder.

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