Drake (drakethedog) wrote in lj_clients,

I just got an Apple, and I thought I'd try to wade through the Mac OSX API by writing an LJ client. Currently, I'm working the calendar widget to display the history of posts. I'd like to store the just the subjects and such locally. I do not want to download the entire entries history. Still, the best way to go about this seems to be with syncitems.

I initially tried to use getdaycounts couples with getevents with a prefersubject which I like because I can use other journals besides the default one. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to use the same sync logic as syncitems with this mode. That is, I have to download all the getdowncounts each time.

Is there a way to fake the last sync date? I'd like to use the getdaycounts for the initial full download, but then use the lastsync on the subsequent updates. In the documentation, it is stressed to use this mode of getentries coupled with syncitems. Can I just use the events_n_eventtime in getentries by converting it to GMT to figure out the lastsyncdate for the next time?

Hopefully, that's clear and isn't too rambly. :)

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