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Offline docs [Aug. 29th, 2003|04:16 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions
Hi guys. I'm so disappointed about kde client I'm using (Kluje) but it seems the development has discontinued. So I decided to improve it for fitting my needs.
A question arieses. Is there a livejournal client server documentation in Postscript or PDF file? (Just to use it off line while developing...)


From: xenofalcon
2003-08-29 09:34 am (UTC)
I don't think development has halted with KLuJe; the authors are busy, however. The last post made regarding the client was made in June. Have you emailed the authors and asked if you could help with development of the mainstream client (rather than creating a fork)?

It should be possible to pull the doc sources down from CVS and render them in another format (I believe they're in DocBook).
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[User Picture]From: darklyng
2003-08-29 11:47 am (UTC)
I've been working on KLapJack, which is coming up to a 1.0 release - please take a look!!!
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From: bbrewer
2003-09-05 10:12 am (UTC)
xenofalcon is right, development hasn't stopped per se, but it has definitely been stalled for a long time. Working 60-75 hours/wk hasn't left much time for improving KLuJe at all. Currently, support in the kluje community is lacking, my own personal code output is lacking, but we *are* gladly accepting patches. As a matter of fact, there are some nice improvements in CVS that aseigo contributed a while back, including rich text editing and improved UI feedback during network I/O.

Also, I'm not stingy about granting commit access to our cvs at all. Assuming one has the meager C++ skills needed to improve the codebase and has sent me a few patches demonstrating as much, of course.

Finally the project is released under the GPL, so you're more than welcome to fork the code if you like, but I'd rather see your improvements go back into KLuJe proper :)

In regard to your question: There used to be HTTP protocol docs at http://www.livejournal.com/developer/protocol.bml but the "Protocol Modes" page linked from there is basically empty. Dunno anything about the XML-RPC protocol, AFAIK KLuJe began before it existed.
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