Eight whole bits (int) wrote in lj_clients,
Eight whole bits

Deepest Sender 0.1.4

New stuff since I last posted...
  • About box now exists.
  • So does the Edit box.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for some things have been implemented.
  • It now has its own (okay, it's the pencil icon) icon for window title bars.
  • It now sits in a .jar file.
  • Features an uninstaller (deletes the settings, but not the .jar).
  • A new preview button, to preview how your posts are more or less going to look! This is a really cool trick, added by jedbro. The preview also supports the <lj user> tag, but I can't figure out how to make it not add <br> tags to the end of every linebreak inside <lj-raw> tags. I need a JavaScript regular expression that'll replace \n's with breaks outside of the tags, but I really have no idea how to draw one up. Best I can do is \n's for the whole thing. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me.
  • Initial positioning of stuff sucks less now.
  • It now works in the Sidebar for both Mozilla and Firebird.
  • More little random additions.
It can't edit friends lists or previous posts yet; I'm still yet to even look at how that'll work. I really have to give a lot of credit to jedbro, for thinking up the preview idea, showing me a better installer/uninstaller, the Firebird sidebar trick, and other stuff.
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