MilkMiruku (mirukux) wrote in lj_clients,

just a query; are there any lj clients out there (either executables or scripts) that allow the user to interface with livejournal (or any lj sister site) and use it as if it were a personal wiki; either by letting one use wiki text formatting rules [and converting to html formatting like a wiki does for when the page is viewed] (plus a simple 'edit text' interface), or even by letting one display/edit one's journal as a wiki type site (through an automatically generated interface, preferably html), working as a layer on top of the livejournal api?

there's a c2 wiki entry titled WikiJournaling which talks about using a wiki to blog, but i was wondering it was possible to do the opposite by having wiki functionability with lj (rather, something in-between lj and wiki functionability with lj, i.e., wiki style usage but with lj style features). thanks.

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