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XMLRPC [Oct. 22nd, 2003|06:08 pm]
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Does anyone offhand know of a C++ xmlrpc library (for win32 or cross platform preferably)? I want to write a specific functionality C++ client for livejournal. I know i *could* do the flat interface, but i'd like to learn as much as i can in one go, so would prefer to learn how to use an xml interface.


From: ex_snej373
2003-10-22 09:03 pm (UTC)
It kind of depends on what OS you're talking about.

On Mac OS X you can use the WebServices APIs in the CFNetwork framework; they're flat C but pretty easy to wrap with C++ classes if you want.
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[User Picture]From: kumokasumi
2003-10-22 09:19 pm (UTC)
Linux has XmlRpcCpp... xmlrpc-c.sf.net

If you're goal is learning things, you're better off using the flat interface. XML-RPC is dead easy and requires zero knowledge of XML. (The point is that the transfer protocol uses XML; that doesn't mean that it's carrying XML data, because it's not.) It basically looks like this.

Server s("http://blah/blah/url");
Result q = s.doCall("lj.blah", arg1, arg2);
cout << q;

and you're done.
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[User Picture]From: halkeye
2003-10-23 01:04 am (UTC)
I should have been clear-er, i am looking for a win32 library.

And i understand the flat interface quite well, i've written a few libraries, although never finished them off very well to be very clean. I just want the simplest stuff to access the server, and get the results i want.
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[User Picture]From: nostrademons
2003-10-22 10:16 pm (UTC)

I've never used any of the ones listed. I'm guessing they're basically the same in functionality. As for code quality, I haven't looked at any of them, but I've seen some of Eric Kidd's work (with the Dylan programming language) and he's one hell of a programmer.
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