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Client news

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Just need to implement user pics and entry security levels and I'm ready to go public with an alpha level version. Expect a post with a download link in a day or two.

System requirements:

Perl(5.6.0 and up should work, earlier *might*)
Tk module from CPAN.
XMLRPC::Lite module from CPAN.

It is known to work on Windows XP with ActivePerl by ActiveState, it should work on any platform that can run Perl with the above modules. MacOS 9 and prior are known to *not* work, as Tk won't run on those. OS X should however, as should any of the *nix's. Cygwin Perl may or may not run my client, I tried and failed to get Tk working on that platform, though apparently Tk is supposed to work on it. If someone can get it to work, I'll link to any procedure you put up on the web.

After the minimal alpha level features are done, there are some serious interface issues I need to do some heavy work on.

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