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LJSM: Livejournal backup tool [Dec. 21st, 2003|11:33 pm]
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I've written Livejournal backup tool, LJSM.
It saves posts with comments, memories and graphics of any user. Converts relative links to absolute. Creates contents page, supports http proxy.

There are two companion tools:
ljpms -- script for batch posts manipulation
allin1 -- script for joining posts downloaded by ljsm into one file in reverse chronological order

[User Picture]From: talisker
2004-01-17 09:23 pm (UTC)

Not a bug per se, but something you should consider

I just used LJSM, and it worked fine. Nice tool, btw. Just wanted to point out something you might want to look into. I have a post that has 50+ comments, most of which are replies-to-replies-to.... you get the picture.

When this happens, the LJ code simply cascades the outermost comments and they're displayed in the main comment page as only sumbitter and title. To view the comment, you need to click on one, and you'll see the complete hierarchy. If this sounds unclear, email me and I'll send you the file to illustrate what I mean.

So, the point is, in cases like these, LJSM misses comments, as they're not in the main thread list associated with a post. I don't know how this could easily be detected, but what would need to be done is for those such comments to be flagged as having missing comments and those comments retrieved separately.

Best regards,
R.Cote (rglcote@yahoo.ca)
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[User Picture]From: ati
2004-01-20 05:36 am (UTC)

Re: Not a bug per se, but something you should consider

it's not a bug, it's a feature :)

LJSM just saves html pages, and since livejournal can't be forced to 'unfold' replies ljsm acts exactly the same way
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