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LJBook [Jan. 6th, 2004|06:53 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions
After playing some times with XML files because of a bad backup (thx ljpms :( ), I have made some proggies which create a PDF Book from your LJ's entries (and only them, no comments).

So if some people are interested:

LJ Book
(It is hosted on my DSL line down:512/up:128)

It should create a TEXT PDF Book from your entries in few minutes.
If it works fine, pictures will be included.

Thx to any tester to report any problems! :)

[User Picture]From: tmtl
2004-01-06 10:44 am (UTC)
I tried logging in as the LJ test account (I don't know if I got the password correct...) and was presented with a blank PDF (There were headers and footers, and a couple of pages though) along with:

/home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/maketextbook.sh: line 17: 3124 Segmentation fault /home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/ljml2texo $i "/tmp/$1.xml"
/home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/maketextbook.sh: line 17: 3127 Segmentation fault /home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/ljml2texo $i "/tmp/$1.xml"
/home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/maketextbook.sh: line 17: 3140 Segmentation fault /home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/ljml2texo $i "/tmp/$1.xml"
/home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/maketextbook.sh: line 17: 3143 Segmentation fault /home/zard/projects/ljml2tex/ljml2texo $i "/tmp/$1.xml"

Which was printed right after </html> in the page source
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From: gadsounet
2004-01-06 10:46 am (UTC)
Thx! Same problem as for bober ... a buffer overflow :( Workign on it...
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From: bobert225
2004-01-06 10:49 am (UTC)
I just relaunched the process. I received more errors, but the generated PDF had my entire journal properly displayed. The beginning looked empty, but when I scrolled down, I noticed that it had worked. One perfected, this is something you should propose that Brad includes in the site, so people don't worry about password security. It'll also be useful, because I know Support gets requests about how to download journal entries, and the answer's always been LJ's month-by-month method.
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[User Picture]From: tmtl
2004-01-06 11:58 am (UTC)
Nice one

I now get the same iconv: illegal input sequence at position 33642 as ilmedic4life

This'll be really good once the bugs are ironed out

Would you ever consider releasing the source?
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From: gadsounet
2004-01-06 12:05 pm (UTC)
iconv is used for the encoding from UTF-8 to LATIN-1
it's not a fatal error, and i will code my own converter, but it truncates the month processed...

The code will of course be released as GPL if it's useful, but it's a bit early...
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