JesterXL (jesterxl) wrote in lj_clients,

n00b XML-RPC Question

Yo, asked this on lj_dev, but no dice for what I was looking for; told to ask here.


Where do I point my XML-RPC post to? I got the header info fine, but do I actually send the, let's say, login post to?

I was using: HTTP/1.0

Now, I know how the header looks for, but basically, Flash is looking for WHERE to send the XML message TO. Like, when you submit a web page via POST, you point to the URL in the post form tag attribute... in Flash for it's XML object, it's the same thing.

I tried the above URL; naturally, interface/xmlrpc won't work as since Flash is a client based technology, it's running on my desktop or my web site, so has to have a full path.

I tried also:

...still no dice.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!

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