Gad (gadsounet) wrote in lj_clients,

LJBook v0.2

LJBook has reached version 0.2.

LJ Book

New features included are:
- include mood, security level in sections' title
- include current music in entry
- filter entries: Public, Friends (Public + Friends), Private (All)
- fonts: AvantGarde, BookMan, Chancery, Charter, Courier, Helvetica, NewCentury, Palatino (*)
- entries up to year 2002 (technically ready for any) (*)
- paper sizes: A4, US Letter(*), 7.5in x 9.25in(*) (for sending your book to CafePress and get a real one)
- PDF Links (TOC and HyperText Links)

(*) For donators only (may I add it's quite stupid limitations due to bandwidth issues ? ;) )

For upcoming features or more informations see gads_ljbook.

Due to bandwidth issues, I can't give access to LJBook with pictures to everybody.

Beta testers who made a report for past LJBook versions can contact me: send me the URL of your report (LJ comment for example) and your LJ username. I will give you access to donators page. (It's quite much more than just saying "thanks" ;) )
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