Gad (gadsounet) wrote in lj_clients,

LJBook v0.4 (Beta)

LJBook aims at providing a high quality archive / book from your LiveJournal.
The free service is provided thanks to donations which permit to rent a dedicated server running the latest TeX Live distribution.
It uses LaTeX (pdfTeX) for producing a PDF which includes all entries, resized pictures, and COMMENTS.
The purpose of this beta-test is so make sure everything is correct with comments.

LJBook with comments beta-test

Reports should be posted here.

Things which may fail:
Unicode characters: Cyrillic (any journal with Cyrillic characters is encouraged to test this version!) / CJK/IJS (Asian Characters will likely not appear or cause error messages in the PDF).
Huge Journals with more than 2000+ pages.
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