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Flash Client

I have recently built a FLASH program of LiveJournal. It works really well, and I have yet to find any bugs in it, except when you try to move REALLY fast, in which case the counter gets ahead of the speed to load. As soon as I can find someplace to put it (perhaps here?) anyone can use it, as long as they have a paid account, because it uses the CGI scripts.

I made this because in the "embedding" section I saw something along the lines of "If you can do this with flash, let us know! We'd like to see it." Well, I took that as a personal challenge, and it's done! Someone tell me where I can stash it (Free webservers don't work because they block CGI commands, and I've yet to find a server it works on. There could be something wrong with it. Right now it works on a local computer, but not on a webpage. If anyone out there knows FLASH and would like the source code, send me an email ( and I'm more than happy to send them all I've got. It's Flash 5, but its not terribly complex scripting. If I could get it working, I'd be thrilled. This is the first FLASH I've done for anything but personal stuff and a few quick applets for friends, and I'm eager to get it working and available to people who want it. The whole thing (HTML, FLASH, and source) isn't more than 80k. If anyone out there knows flash and can give me a hand, its somewhat perplexing. It SHOULD work, but it doesn't seem to work on a server. Maybe there's something I don't know about FLASH? Who knows.

If people like it I'll work on some more engaging interfaces, right now it's just about all function, zero form. To download it, save these files:

SWF (Online Compiled File)
FLA(FLASH 5 Source File)

Ok, so they're stashed on a friend's server. Just hold SHIFT and download the three files.


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