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Phoenix has stopped working for all of it's users, and I can't figure out why.

From the testing I've done, it's connecting to Livejournal, and then the socket is closed either before or without a sent response.

For the past few weeks this has been happening intermittently, two days ago the problem seemed to go away, and then starting yesterday the problem was happening permanently (i.e. You can't login at all).

I'm using the same socket and interface I've used in Phoenix for a few years now, I connect to

POST /interface/flat HTTP/1.0
Cookie: ljfastserver=1;
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-length: 129


I can still connect to other Livejournal-based Servers (such as Deadjournal). I would say it's a Livejournal problem, but clients like iJournal still work. So I'm guessing it's a problem on both ends (Maybe I'm not using the best protocol, and they're not handling it well).

If anyone has any ideas or insight, let me know. A quick response would be greatly appreciated, as I'm getting a lot of support requests/complaints about this.


P.S. Would the most recent lj_dev post have anything to do with it ("But the site is slow because web servers are all blocked trying to send outgoing email.")?

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