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ljArchive 0.9.3 [Jul. 20th, 2004|02:28 am]
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This is a pretty big update, although most of the changes are under the hood.

For those of you who emailed me with errors you encountered in the previous version, they should be resolved in this version.  The main issue was with clone servers and free accounts, and ljArchive now supports both properly.

The main interface has been completely redone.  Here are some screens:ljArchive is now ready to be ported to linux - implemented in mono.  I've looked over the mono BCL and ljArchive's core library is completely compatible.  I'm looking for a mono developer familiar with gtk# (or wt# or whatever else) to work with me.  The ljArchive core library is VERY easy to work with and fully (sorta) documented.  Here's an example of the code you'd write to interact with it.  So if you're interested, please email me or leave a comment.

I'm also looking for speakers of other languages willing to help me translate some bits of very mundane text such as "ljArchive encountered an error" because ljArchive now supports localization.

Unfortunately for upgrading users, this version breaks compatibility with the old file format, so you'll have to create a new archive and resync.  I won't be making a habit of breaking compatibility.

There are lots of new features.  For a more thorough listing of them, check out the revision history.

You can download the new client here.

[User Picture]From: fbartho
2004-08-03 05:39 pm (UTC)


Sounds Good :), its a pleasure to have been of service... most of the projects I have worked on have been for my own use, but I've always thought that I should find some way to be on the developping end... I am taking some more programming classes this coming semester at uni, and I have no doubt that I will find myself in a much better position to hely on the code side of things later on... As of now my coding has serious battles with the rest of my time needs... something i hope will be easier to manage in the future... As for the Spanish, I do hope to be able to do it... but if i get around to it, it will probably be in the next 2 weeks, or sometime a month or more from now... heh crazy sched with this end of month preparing and packing for college, and building a loft... and then there is the actual return and first few weeks back at school...... if you would please elaborate on the unicode, I can already have that in the set next time, spanish uses special chars less often than french...
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[User Picture]From: fg
2004-08-09 12:24 am (UTC)

Re: :)

you can actually type the character directly into the file. for example, é is just Alt+0233 on your keyboard. That works fine in XML.

I put your strings into the latest version and it works great! I posted the announcement to lj_clients and it should be up soon, but a new version is available on the web site.

And regarding your comment, I can certainly understand the predicament of not having enough time! Thanks for your help.
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