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This Is Who I am and What I want to do

Well it turns out that I have known about livejournal for a good number of years now... I have always been a big fan but I never got around to joining until a relatively short while back... My reason for joining was to access friend's only blog posts... About 1.5 years ago-Spring 2003-(sheesh time flies) I started learning php and wrote myself a very rudimentary blog system nearly purely from scratch with simple text files I uploaded and parsed... It was fun, and was fitting into the site I was working on at the time... That was my senior year in HS and then I went off to College 1st semester worked on it some but not really I had too many things to do... This summer I get a good job... ponder the decision and decide the time has come to get my own domain name..." [incredibly underconstruction]

Suddenly my interest and activities in webprogramming, php and programming in general skyrocket once again and I have a million and one ideas... I start a phpbb2 forum among tons of other ideas, I start reading my friends ljs more and more and I realize that my old blog just doesnt cut it and that I might as well add another project: an lj interface from my site...

What I am planning to do: modify my forums such that there is a section for the user's lj have the site fecth the data from the journal, have it parse the data and present it as i choose, and of course I cant take the easy route and just have the RSS feed... though I may still use it... I think I want to implement posting, editing, commenting, maybe friends as well. I am a big fan of php and what I have googled on the topic leads me invariably to this community, (along with livejournal pages pointing here) or to XML-RPC

What I am wondering is whether there are any packages already written that will fetch the data for php I know there are some that will do this for perl but well my knowledge of that is what I have learned while rapidly hacking towards an AIM bot (project also started this summer) I have also googled and found but what concerns me is the seeming lack of work on that project... That and also but this last will have to serve as a starting point unless i hear otherwise due to its current state of development.

Well at this point I have written a good amount and so I am going to stop... heh Sorry about that, this is actually my first non-comment post on LJ and if this project goes well, then it will definitely not be the last... (I actually intend to put my first post in right after this :D )

[my name:] Frederic Barthelemy
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