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Suddenly I realized something was wrong... [Jul. 26th, 2004|04:58 pm]
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[mood |stumped...]

I am stuck... Am working slowly but surely on my plan to interface livejournal with my website via php, and I suddenly realized that the xmlrpc method needs to be told who the viewer is... as of now, it only posts the most recent journal entry on my site: http://digitalsneeze.com/forums/ffb_ljsetup.php?uid=2 and it completely does not check if the reader is authorized to do so... that means if my last post is private, anyone can see it, but what i realize the only method around this is that when a user logs in to my site, it also logs in to livejournal, meaning it needs access to existing livejournal cookies and the ability to make new ones if i need to... Am I mistaken here? and if not, what do i do? Let me know what you guys think...


[User Picture]From: fbartho
2004-07-27 04:21 pm (UTC)


well see what you think i am describing clearly is in the realm of fiction at the moment and your point about the ip, is the reason why I put proxy in quotes, I guess the clearest version of what that whole cookies scenario was trying to accomplish was to somehow route the user to livejournal, have the cookie be set and retrieved by livejournal essentially transparently but my site would get the username data from that exchange and the transparent page would then redirect back to my site... hehehe... hmmmm... like I said its one of those things that i bet could be implemented relatively easily, but there would be little point for livejournal to do so, and it would probably not scale well taking up alot of time/computations for livejournal... So basically I follow exactly what you are saying, that you showed me in probably your first comment that my wishful thinking needed to be brought down to earth, and the rest of this is just me alternately whining/trying to explain what my wishful thinking would have liked... and since I'm wishing, I might as well ask for the cross-site logins to be implemented... :D

Thanks for the answers...
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