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psdJournal 0.1.0 Beta 1 Available [Sep. 6th, 2004|06:12 pm]
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Great News!

psdJournal 0.1.0 Beta 1 is available for download right now!

Some notes about this release:

* It is a BETA version!! * - This means that there will definately be some bugs somewhere!

Not all features/functions are implimented at this time, but [just about] everything works for posting to LiveJournal.

I've packaged the release with the program files only! This means that if your system is lacking certain runtime files then you will need to download and install those separately!

Currently, psdJournal requires the following runtime files: (which can be found on the PSD Software downloads page)

Visual Basic 6.0 SP6

Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8

|-+ Microsoft ADO Extensions 2.8 for DDL and Security Library

..and various system files.

Please visit the PSD Software website for more information on psdJournal.

Website: http://psdsoftware.uni.cc

psdJournal: http://psdsoftware.uni.cc/psdjournal.htm

Downloads: http://psdsoftware.uni.cc/downloads.html

PSD Software LiveJournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/psd_software/

psdJournal Community: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mylj_client/

Also note that until a more final release is available source code will not be available.

Please report to me any bugs or errors that you encounter, any suggestions you have on features/operability/functionality, etc. Thanks!


From: snej
2004-09-07 02:24 am (UTC)
"Sorry but that's your problem and not mine."

Obviously new to the idea of marketing a product, aren't we? Here's a clue: What you are producing is a commodity, and if you genuinely want anyone at all to think that it's "Great news!" that there is Yet Another Embryonic VisualBASIC LJ Client, you have quite a sales job to do. Which is by way of saying that yes, it is your problem how your message comes across.
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