TheNetImp (thenetimp) wrote in lj_clients,

I am writing a widget for Konfabulator (mac app). The purpose of this widget is to watch my friend's groups and notify me when there has been an update to a group. Because all Macs running OSX have curl I have decided this will be my medium to grab information about wheather the friends group has been updated.

This code works for getting the generic friends list from the command line in Terminal.

curl -s -A MacOSX%2DKonfabulator%20Widget%2F1%2E0%2E4 --connect-timeout 10 -b ljfastserver=1 -d mode=checkfriends -d user=[username] -d password=[password]

According to the documentation in order to look at a specific group all i need do is add the "mask" option with an unsigned int as it's value to bring up the group(as in my example below).

curl -s -A MacOSX%2DKonfabulator%20Widget%2F1%2E0%2E4 --connect-timeout 10 -b ljfastserver=1 -d mode=checkfriends -d user=username -d password=password -d mask=1

I would expect this second command to get me the last updated journal entry in group number 1 this sadly is not the case. What am I doing wrong?

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