notbrainsurgery (notbrainsurgery) wrote in lj_clients,

I just finished another small application which allows you to subscribe to changes in your friend(of) list using RSS. This is first release, but it seems to be working OK. Your feedback is very welcome.

I have tried hard to make it as efficient and good behaving as possible. In particular:

1. It caches results in database.
2. It is using Etag/Get-If-Modified-Since when fetching data from LiveJournal
3. It is using Etag to detect when data was not changed and report 304 to client RSS reader
4. RSS channel update frequency set to 'daily' (though some newsreaders may ignore this)
5. It identifies itself in UserAgent header as requested by livejournal.
6. I do not store IPs and polling times for people requesting data. I do cache friends list, but this information is public in your profile anyway.
7. Generated feeds successfully pass RSS validation

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