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Version 0.12 of LJ::Simple released

Well, after a long hiatus I've just released version 0.12 of the perl module LJ::Simple into CPAN - it should show up on there fairly soon. In the mean time its also available from my web site

The changes in this release are:

  • Added the $LJ::Simple::NonBlock hook to allow better integration with GUI programs
  • Added the $LJ::Simple::ProtoSub hook to allow better integration with GUI programs
  • The ljpost example script is now placed within the Solaris package the pkg Makefile target builds
  • Corrected a bug in ljpost which caused it to handle timezones incorrectly.
  • Added the sending of a User-Agent string
  • GetEntries() has been fixed so that if it is getting entries from a shared journal that shared journal name is placed within the entries returned back in the hash.
    Bug reported by Stanislav Sinyagin
  • Re-worked the documentation so its easier to use
  • Added the SetProtect() routine as a wrapper around the various SetProtect*() routines.
  • Added the LJ::Simple::QuickPost() routine which allows you to quickly post an entry into LiveJournal without going through the work of object creation et al
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