Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote in lj_clients,
Jenny Brown

Getting Memories list from client software?

I'm considering ways to embed my LJ entries into a bigger personal website, listed by topic (Memories keyword). Basically I'd be looking at the LJ entries as a simple content repository, with my website acting as a client to that. I'm only concerned with public entries at the moment, not requiring authentication.

But - there doesn't appear to be a Memories api in the protocol document. It shows that I could access the friend list, and add a new entry or bring up an existing one by date, but getting the list of Memories doesn't appear to be a listed feature. I'd like to bring up a list of existing entries based on finding them in the Memories list, and then allow the user to choose them to view.

Am I out of luck (memories client api's are not provided), or am I just looking in the wrong place?
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