Samuel Tesla (stesla) wrote in lj_clients,
Samuel Tesla

Properties list?

Okay, back in July when I was starting to work on Clive I was given an URL to see what properties there were for the prop_name entry in the postevent mode. First off, how would I go about updating the postevent mode documention so that it reflects the existance of the URL Evan gave me in this thread?

Second question, if you go and look at it, it shows that the property IDs go 1, 2, 8, 4, 5, 6, that on purpose? Where did 3 go? Why is 8 where 3 would've been? I don't know if the tableview pulls the data straight from the table or if it precompiles...or if it is handmade and doesn't pull data from the database at all. In any case, is there any importance to those IDs as far as using the properties? Do I put prop_4 or prop_opt_preformatted?

Next, what is the significance of passing back the current_moodid if I pass back current_mood? I would presume that if I pass back a mood without the moodid, then the mood is printed but no icons are placed. Is that correct?

Lastly, to do userpic stuff we pass back the *label* of the userpic? As in when we do the login we retrieve the list of names, then send back one of those names (or nothing if we want the default), right?

Thanks a bundle

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