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Introducing LiveWidget - [updated]

LiveWidget has almost reached 1.0, there are a few more changes I could make before declaring it 'done' but the reason it sits at 0.95 is I want more testers and more feedback before I can sit back and relax. So if you're interested in checking it out, read on....

What does it do? It can post to shared journals, the list of which is automagically collected from the server when you 'Update Info', which is also when it gets the list of friend-groups you have set up. You can enter your own moods or use the predefined list, but no support for that list to be updated from the server yet, and it gets your current iTunes track too. The latest feature is the ability to choose between seven colour schemes.

Many thanks to mrelusive for the graphics and int for invaluable code assistance right here in this journal.

It's available from

Updated: link to LiveWidget page changed to
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