trv (trevmex) wrote in lj_clients,
lj_clients LJ/Blogger Atom Perl package

I have good news. The LJ/Blogger Atom client I was coding is completed, and it works great in both Blogger and LJ blogs.

The package is called and I put it under the GNU LGPL.

Using it in your Perl code is simple, just do the following:

use AtomClient qw(postentry);

$result_msg = AtomClient::postentry("blog_url", "username", "password", "title", "content", "method");

- "method" is either "basic" for Basic HTTP Auth, or "digest" for Digest HTTP Auth. If no method is sent, basic will be tried first, then digest if basic fails.
- This does NOT support WSSE since neither Blogger or LJ support WSSE at this time.


パッケージはAtomClient.pmと言う。GNU LGPLであげる。


use AtomClient qw(postentry);

$result_msg = AtomClient::postentry("blog_url", "username", "password", "title", "content", "method");


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