shitty_kitty (shitty_kitty) wrote in lj_clients,


I'm using the flat protocol, and I'm trying to authenticate using the challenge-response system. When I send the "getchallenge" command to the server, I'm getting this back:


No matter how hard I try, I can't get it to authenticate. I've tried using the whole string, colon-separated chunks of the string, and the last two chunks together (I noticed they're the main two that change), but nothing's working. I've checked my MD5 function and it's working correctly (I can generate hpassword's just fine), and I'm using the MD5_hex(challenge + MD5_hex(password)) formula. So, which part of that string do I need to return as "auth_challenge", and which part do I need to manipulate using that formula to return as "auth_response"?

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