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Grabbers, grabbers, grabbers

Hey client gang, I've got a question for your expert review:

I'm trying to make a 'teaser' script for my own personal website. Basically, I'm trying to "grab" elements from my latest LJ entry and put them into an HTML page through some kind of scripting. The end product would be something like:

On [date], I blogged [subject]:
Descrip: [teaser - first 60 characters]... (more)

So basically, I would be able to have my homepage automagically display my most recent blog entry / date, and a 60 or so character 'teaser' of that entry. My problem is that I don't know how to grab the date / entry / subject data into an HTML format from LJ's database. I can worry about truncating the entry data later (i.e., limiting it to the first 60 characters). I don't have a paid account, but that shouldn't matter. Does anyone know how to get an HTML page to play nice with LJ data?

- vtmemo

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