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just send comment? [Jul. 7th, 2005|11:27 am]
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Hello there. I am Timothy Babych, web developer from Kiev, Ukraine. I am working on greasemonkey script that posts comments from "Friends Entries" page. It uses Ajax and does not require page reloads.


I send comments to talkpost_do.bml with parameters
itemid, journal, usertype, cookieuser, body

and everything works ok, but in the background entire entry with all the comments is loaded

Can I send POST with some mode modifier so that it will not load an entry afterwards?
Something like "Your comment was successfully posted, you can view entry, view all comments..." will do just fine.


[User Picture]From: tymofiy
2005-07-08 05:23 pm (UTC)
«why not just send the POST yourself via an XMLHTTPRequest»
That is what I do.

«That way the response comes right back to your script»
I just want that responce be small and come quickly — improving user experience and saving his traffic.

And I do indicate that comment was sent in very obvious way.
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