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On friends groups, userpics, and uniqueness. [Dec. 15th, 2001|01:00 pm]
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So I'm sitting here deciding how I want to implement friends groups and userpics...and I see that I wrote down a question yesterday in my notebook.

Are the names of friends groups unique? I know they're identified by an ID number, but can they also be reliably identified by their name?

I'm fairly certain userpic names are unique, since that's the only way one refers to them, but I'd also want to make doubly sure of that.

Also...if a userpic name that doesn't exist on the server is sent, does it use the default userpic?


[User Picture]From: mart
2001-12-18 06:37 am (UTC)

Picture keywords are matched up to picids at page rendertime. This means that if you later add a new pic to replace an old one and keep the same keyword, the new one will get used on all of the old entries which selected the old one. If the keyword ever stops existing (including if it already doesn't exist) the default is displayed.

Friend group names are allowed to be duplicated, but userpic names are not. Even still, I'd recommend strongly against relying on userpic keywords to be unique, as somewhere along the line you're likely to get caught out when things change and your client crashes in a nasty way.

Having said that... the pic keyword is a string property anyway, so having duplicates won't matter because the server won't have any idea which you are talking about either.

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