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After logging in with XML... [Jul. 29th, 2005|02:52 pm]
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I'm working on a project to check many weblogs at once through their RSS feeds. I'm working on trying to get LiveJournals 'friends only' entries to show up in the RSS. Auth=digest isn't working with magpie, my feed parser. I thought XML would be a better way to login and see things only allowed for authenticated users, but it seems there is nothing I can do in relation to RSS to get the friends only feeds from any user.

Any ideas?

Note: I think I've got a PHP XML login page working. I have been trying like mad to find something that would work for me in PHP. My only proof is this response:

Array (
[userid] => 314159265...
[fullname] => myfullname
[friendgroups] =>
Array ( )
[usejournals] =>
Array (
[0] => community1
[1] => community2
[2] => lj_clients

Does this mean I'm logged in?
My apologies if this isn't 'client' enough for this community. From what I have read, the dev community doesn't seem as applicable for this problem. (and their explinations of anything are really confusing!)

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: drmastermind
2005-07-30 04:09 am (UTC)
I've actually been playing with the g0thm0g tutorial all day. Thats the only reason I've gotten connected correctly! I'll look at your client. I think I'll soon be grasping at straws waiting for XML RPC to change!
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