Тимофій (tymofiy) wrote in lj_clients,

Zapys - LJ client in pyGtk, v 0.8

The idea of this tool is to allow easy creating of pretty texts.

screenshot edit
screenshot preview

Inline Replacements
The text changes while you type — so you can enjoy typografic rightness instantly.

* proper quotes.
* (c) => ©
* (r) => ®
* (tm) => ™
* ... => …
* uses n-dash and m-dash

Easy tags:

Easy lists:

* list item
* list item

1. list item
2. list item
The complete Markdown manual lives here.

LJ replacements:
LJ:username becomes <lj user="username">
http://example.com becomes example.com

Project homepage: http://clear.com.ua/en/projects/python/zapys

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