Vadim Zaliva (vzaliva) wrote in lj_clients,
Vadim Zaliva

XML-RPC, postevent, time zone

I have a client ( blog posting functionality on ) which creates new posts using XML-RPC protocol. it is web-based and clients come from different time zones. However time in 'postevent' method should be specified in user time zone. I see no way to get programmatically user time zone from livejournal. Neither I see a way to specify time zone in postevent call in XML-RPC.

I've read somewhere that there is undocumented parameter 'TZ' in flat protocol which allows you to specify time zone. I've tried to add it to my XML-RPC request, but it does not work.

To me it looks like very serious protocol deficiency. It asks to provide information from user profile which I have to way to retrieve. It would be stupid for my to ask user for his time zone in UI each time. Are there any workarounds? What other client developers do? Nobody uses XML-RPC protocol anymore?
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