Peasant (peasant_) wrote in lj_clients,

Allowmask problem

I am using XML-RPC postevent and want to post to either all friends or a specific custom friends group.

Having read the postevent docs

[scalar](required) Specifies who can read this post. Valid values are public (default), private and usemask. When value is usemask, viewability is controlled by the allowmask.

[scalar](required) Relevant when security is usemask. A 32-bit unsigned integer representing which of the user's groups of friends are allowed to view this post. Turn bit 0 on to allow any defined friend to read it. Otherwise, turn bit 1-30 on for every friend group that should be allowed to read it. Bit 31 is reserved.

I assumed I just had to send 0 for all friends and 1 for the first friend group, 2 for the second friend group and so on. But I am clearly misunderstanding the allowmask.

If I send


LJ shows the post with the security set to 'custom' but no specified groups (so in fact no-one but me can see it).

While if I send


LJ shows the post with security set to friends only, not just group 1.

Can anyone explain what I should be doing?
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