August 19th, 2001

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Well okay, here's my debut post as a client author, at least on this journal. I've posted to lj_dev a few times, but now it's time to get official! Or something like that. :) Anyway, greetings from the chilly land of Seattle, where we're having a droubt right now--it's only raining every other week! ;)

LochJournal is a Win32 client, which means it's built to run under 32-bit Windows operating systems. It does not use the MFC or any external libraries. Totally self contained and written in Borland's Delphi, a very nice programming environment that I highly recommend to anyone interested in Windows/Linux GUI development. The entire goal of this client, from the start, has been power. It is (or will be) the only client you'll ever need, or that's the goal. Currently supported features that make LochJournal unique are:

  • Downloaded journal history - LochJournal can download your journal to your hard drive so you can look through it while offline.

  • Easy entry editing - The built in Journal History setup lets you edit an entry by seamlessly integrating it into the posting system, providing an intuitive interface.

  • Multiple profiles - Tired of having to reset your username and password for your two journals? want to use a LiveJournal server other than LochJournal supports multiple profiles, so you can connect to all of your journals on various servers easily.

  • Multiple user capabilities - So your brother has a journal too? Never fear, LochJournal allows you to create user accounts within the program, within which you can create your profiles and set your individual options.

  • Auto-save - Never lose a post again! Every minute (configurable) LochJournal will automatically save your post in progress, and upon restart, will ask if you wish to pick up where you left off.

  • Built-in browsing - Instead of spawning Internet Explorer windows like flies, LochJournal sports a built-in encapsulation of the IE browser, letting you quickly and easily check out your friends journals or do any other surfing.

  • New post notification methods - Not only can you get the tray icon to blink, but you can have the program window appear, a notification message appear, or a custom sound be played (five sounds are bundled with the installation providing a range of voice responses.)

Of course, I could go on for hours about what else LochJournal does, but those are the nifty things that I think would be interesting to folks. Now, just so you know, the client IS in Alpha phase testing, which means that there are bugs. I know, I'm working on it. Actually, right now I've decided to rip out 90% of the code, and rewrite from scratch. It's been needing it pretty badly, so I decided today to do that. After the rewrite is complete, the program will enter the Beta phase, and should be much stabler than it is now.

If you're interested in helping out, I'm currently looking for someone who has some graphic art skills to design some graphics for the program. Button glyphs, a splash image, et cetera. Feel free to drop me a line at and let me know.

Here are two screen shots, one of the Accounts / Profiles page and one of the History page, the two features that really make LochJournal stand out from the crowd of clients out there.

Screenshot 1
This is a shot of the History section, specifically a post that I made to a group I have defined. Notice how it shows all the information about the entry, and if I wanted to edit this entry, I could easily click Edit Current Entry and I would be able to edit it on the Update page. Also notice the drop down boxes in the bottom left corner. LochJournal handles downloading and viewing of multiple journals, all in one encrypted database file. Also note the handy group readout in the upper right. The mouse cursor should be there but didn't appear in the screen copy. ;)

Screenshot 2

You can see the Accounts / Profiles page in this screen shot. Unfortunately WinXP seems to have a problem displaying the selected items in list boxes, so it's solid black. Haven't fixed that yet. It's on my todo list. ;) Notice the list of Profiles on the right side, including xb95 @ LiveJournal (this account) and xb95 @ Local (an account with my local LJ server.) Setting an account as the default means it's automatically logged into (see the Auto-Login option on the left.)

That's about all I'll say here. I'm already rambling. ;) I'm interested in suggestions, and feedback. LochJournal has its own group which can be found at lochjournal. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Oh, and as a final note, if you're interested in getting LochJournal, the web site can be found here. (Thanks to tydel for hosting the site.)

Peace ya'll.
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Hey everyone

Hey everyone, I'm the prgorammer of the Classic Mac Client, Phoenix. It was programmed under REALBasic using my shoddy programming skills. Currently I'm having troubles alphabetizing the moods list, and am getting ready to implement LizardJuice into my client. I'm sure I'll get to post in here more often, but thats it for now:)
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