November 27th, 2001

Hair Cut

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Quick question to all client developers...

Before sending a postevent, do you send a login first?

The reason I ask, is 1) Obviously there will be another request to the server (higher load), but 2) it ensures that the post gets allocated against the correct client id.

For example, you have two clients running (separate machines/platforms), and they're both logged in. If you post from one and then the other, and they don't send the login mode first, they'll both be allocated against the same client.

For me, who is watching client stats very closely, this is not good.

So, would it make sense to send login before postevent?

Just a comment on Win32 Clients

Just to little things I'd like to pick on.

First off is that there is no, "Are you sure you want to exit ?" message when I hit Alt-F4 or try to close the window. This creates quite a pain when I may get "Close Window Happy" on some popups (stupid pr0n... well.. wait.. GOOD pr0n.. stupid popups) and BAM! there goes a 5 page journal entry. Frustrating :-)

The second thing is tiny... WINAMP 3 !! :-) It's quite cool, and I'm using the Internal Beta now full time. Should we expect the new LJ clients to support "Auto Song Detection" sooner... or later ?? ;-)

Thanks guys. Geek on.
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