December 6th, 2001

photography, polaroids
  • sol3

WAP Client

I've got a prototype wap client up and running on my system here, using a java library that i'm developing for writing LJ clients. To play with the client, point your WAP enabled device at - hopefully my system will be able to handle the load *grin* (it should, for now).

Over the next few days, as I get the java library fleshed out, i'll probably post a pointer to that as well. This started out because i wanted a livejournal client for my new sharp sl-5000d, and decided to try my hand at a java based client.

The lib should be fairly straightforward to use once i get it finish. At the moment it just has basic posting support. I need to add group and privacy management, then things like mood/music/other additional data, etc...

Both clients will end up using this same lib.