December 14th, 2001

  • sema

Just to clear things concerning visions's post (

  • Undoubtedly, anyone can use source code of my client by all means, according to GPL.

  • Anyone is welcome to send me patches with new features/fixes, they will most likely be integrated (and of course author will be listed as contributor). visions don't want to integrate his code (spellchecker?) to my branch - it's his own choice, no problem on my part.

  • I do not want to set up CVS just because it's not convenient for me. It's my problem - to integrate exterior changes.

  • Just to let you know - there are a lot of small changes/fixes (except for the major ones like layout) in source since official 1.4.7. I do not recommend to integrate only some changes, you'd better branch my current state, but.. again, judge yourself.