February 9th, 2002

"checkfriends" protocol

Is there an easy way to detect which friends group(s) have been updated when you're told that there are new entries, short of doing a round-robin poll of each possible "mask" value in turn?

(If not, I'd like to suggest adding one - even though it may require more work from the servers to answer the checkfriends request, it's still probably healthier than rendering the friends page n times as the user flicks through to see which group has been updated [OK, I'm assuming they're using a default view at this point, but I think that's a reasonable one.].)

Batch editing

I've got a friend who's in a bit of a jam. Her roommate discovered her LJ, and, along with everyone else in her dorm, began reading it (which spoke extensively and disparagingly about those very people). My friend immediately deactivated the journal. I stepped in and offered to write a program to go through and auto-mark all 375 of her entries to friends-only. It didn't work too well. It was a rather slipshod solution—it relied on parsing the output from talkread and the calendar view to obtain the itemids of her entries. There were too many exceptions that I hadn't taken into account, and the thing flopped, although it was able to mark entries friends-only once it obtained the itemids.

I tried to figure out the LJ protocol and such by poring over the MFC code, but I just lacked the C++/MFC experience to modify it into something to fit this problem. I don't think it would be a difficult problem, if I knew what I was doing.

I was just wondering if anyone out there has done any work on batch editing of entries, or anything else which might lend itself to this. Also, my friend has started a new LJ, but is wondering if it would be possible to have her entries from her old LJ transferred to her new one (and perhaps simultaneously marked friends-only). I told her that this would take an act of the gods (i.e. a sysadmin), and that I wasn't sure if the gods even did things like that for people. It seems like it would be an easy matter for someone with direct access to the database, but I know that things must be busy for the guys at the top.

Any feedback at all would be appreciated. Thanks.