March 20th, 2002


UTF-8 support

Hi, I'm having a crack at writing my first client (nothing fancy, just a personal project). With the upcoming UTF-8 support, what format does my client want to send data in as? Just convert every character to unicode and be done with it? At the moment, /developer/protocol.bml still says convert characters to their hex code...

Apologies if this has already been covered, I've tried to follow lj_clients for the past couple of months and nothing seems to have come up...


I wrote a little client because a fellow geek friend wanted it.
You run it from your shell, then it launches your $EDITOR.
It can post to multiple accounts on multiple servers / services.
So it could post to 2 LJ accounts, 1 DeadJournal account, and your Slashdot journal, all at once.
The Slash support is coming, but not from me. I just stubbed it for now.


Oh, if you want current mood/music/security, just add below the Subject: line: (case doesn't matter)

Mood: whatever
Music: whatever
Security: friends or private